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Naf Monk 12"

Met U In Miami 12"

Dirty Bumf 12"

Kerowack's 'Naf Monk' found its way into the hands of xjR EUs A&R maven Tommie Sunshine and he instantly declared it the first single for the European launch of his rebirthed label, Xylophone Jones EU. Tommie Sunshine on ‘Naf Monk’…”With their influences worn proudly and unashamedly on their sleeves, Kerowack march proudly into sonic battle, putting lesser men to shame and showing us all how to time travel through multiple moments and styles in a slight 6 minutes. This track is for the music lovers, the ones who appreciate rich textures as well as the kids who just want to get loaded and get their swerve on in the club. Their tracks and sounds unmistakable, their live show undeniable; make way for New York City by way of Kerowack & xJR EU." Naf Monk was originally released in February, 2007 on Xylophone
Jones EU with remixes by Mark Romboy and Jamie Fanatic. ‘Naf Monk’ received heavy rotation on John Digweed’s BBC Radio Show and is featured on Simian Mobile Disco’s ‘Suck My Deck’ Mix CD presented by Bugged Out!

In 2006 Kerowack made a splash in Miami with their limited pressing of 'Met U In Miami', an electro-mantic ballad which received airplay on BBC Radio One and XM Radio as well as 4.5/5 stars in DJ Mag..."the bassline could come through chemical cleaning and still leave a stain. 'What about the BJs for the DJs?' could become the chant of the summer." Kerowack released their debut single 'Dirty Bumf' on Rip Records in 2005, which received a 4.5/5 & Sureplayer review in DJ Mag..."Kerowack are a new signing for RIP, but on this first outing it looks like the pair are going to fit right in. 'Dirty Bumf' is a freaked out instrumental, somewhere between '60s pop, Chicago freak-house and - dare we say it - big beat, it sounds fresh and full of life." 'Dirty Bumf' received heavy rotation on BBC Radio One and was featured in Mylo's Essential Mix as well as Darren Emerson's "Underwater Episode 4" Mix CD.


Nights on Broadway by the Bee Gees (Warner Brothers/Rhino)
Polo Club by the Greenskeepers (Om Records)
Kolor Spektrum by Soul Mekanik (Rip Records)
400 People by Medium Cool